Company Profile

Company registration number: 01-09-07796
Tax number: 10504770-2-43

Géza Szőkedencsi
Leading senior architect, owner, CEO
Telefon: +36-30-2265-333
György Töős
Leading senior architect, owner
Telefon: +36-30-9318-250
4 leading architects
5 architects
1 secretary


Annual traffic
2015: 122.583.000 Ft
2014: 114.028.000 Ft
2013: 178.048.000 Ft
2012: 241.529.000 Ft

Our company has always complied with the payments in time, there was no queuing. There was never a loss in 25 years or any tax debt.

Significant projects of the last years
2003 – 2005
Town Theatre of Székesfehérvár reconstruction, 8500 m²
National Secret Plan Competition 1st Prize
A realised investment for 4.5 billions
2006 – 2007
Fly Balaton Terminal Building, Sármellék
2500m² passenger terminal near Hévíz
2008 – 2012
265 Bed Clinic Building in Szeged 25.500m²
National Secret Plan Competition 1st Prize
A realised investment for 12.5 billions
2012 – 2015
Extreme Light Infrastructure, Laser Research Centre, high priority government investment
23,5 billions construction costs, cc 50 billions for laser technology. Under Construction!
2014 – 2015
Helvetic Clinics Hungary Dental Clinic & Hotel, 4600m², 56 rooms
Realised in 2015

Our Clients

AIG Lincoln
AKA Ltd.
Bradmore Consulting Ltd.
Budapest Főváros Önkormányzata
Cape Clear Aviation
CDC Hungary
Cooptourist Ltd.
Dreher Sörgyárak Ltd.
Deutsche Bank
EC Harris Hungary
ELI-HU Nonprofit Ltd.
Europolis Real Estate
Hungart Ltd.
Magyar Rádió Ltd.
MB Auto Magyarország Ltd.
Megaholz Ltd.
MŰBER-Invecon Ltd.
Outdoor Ltd.
Philips Magyarország Ltd.
Poppe & Potthof Ltd.
Sopron Város Önkormányzata
Siemens Investor
Szegedi Orvostudományi Egyetem

Office History

Our office has been established in 1991 of three architects, Csaba Orbán, Géza Szőkedencsi and György Töős.
Before we started our private practice, we all gained experience in large Hungarian architect’ offices and also abroad – in Germany and in the Netherlands. Now our office has a staff of ten full time architects – besides the three partners – supported by the latest ArchiCad Cad system and a secretariat.
As usual in Hungary, we have eight architects working as employees and another two free-lance architects work for us by contract. We use Archicad 10 architectural software in a computer network backed by a big capacity server. We can print our designs in A0 format – also in colored style. We support the success of the investment with several detail plans, and continuous on-site consulting. We also have responsible designer’s insurance.
For communication we use e-mail. Our office is located in the heart of Budapest.
In the first three years of Artonic we made several plans for a German client – some of them have been built.
One of our largest building so far is the National Rehabilitation Center in Budapest with its 32.000 square meter area, a 300 bed capacity hospital for disabled people. We have won this commission by winning a national design competition.
We intend to represent architectural and visual quality in our design and in the same time use all the necessary engineer expertise as well. Our main principle is responsibility. That might be the reason that we have clients coming back to us.
In the past years we had clients of international real estate development companies such as AIG Lincoln from the USA, IVG-DTI from Germany, or Village Roadshow of Australia. In the Infopark project the design team is also international, we work together with Assmann B+P GmbH. We are able to communicate both in English and German language.
We have not specialized in a narrow field of kind of tasks. In our portfolio you can find residential projects, logistic centers, industrial developments, hospital, theatre, multiplex cinemas.
Artonic used to undertake the complete design of the project, but we also do “just” the architectural and interior design in a house. We choose engineers according to the type of task and subcontract them. During the last 15 years we worked with several engineer offices, that is one of the reasons, that we can provide good quality and responsible service in the wide range of the design tasks.

György Töős

Budapest, 09.03.1962