Géza Szőkedencsi

Hungary, 02.05.1961

Professional experience record
1991 – present
: Budapest, Hungary
Company: Artonic Design Architects Ltd.
Position: Owner partner, CEO, Senior Leading Architect
Description: Key role in the management of the company and the projects, well-known professional in the country, head of the design teams

1986 – 1991: Budapest, Hungary
Company: Szövterv (state office)
Position: Junior Architect
Description: Head of the design team in cooperation with a senior architect

1989 – 1990: Budapest, Hungary
Company: Technical University of Budapest (BME)
Education: Architect course in English
Description: Freelance Architect Lecturer, Corrector

1988: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Company: Architecten CIE
Position: Junior Architect
Description: Work with senior architects on outstanding projects (e.g. Parliament)

1988: Den Haag, Netherlands
Company: Rijksgebouwvendienst
Position: Junior Architect (Scholarship)
Description: Work with senior architects on refurbishment projects and on restorations

Licence and experience
É1 01 – 2144
: Senior Architect licence code
31 years
: Architect Designer experience
18 years
: Senior Architect Designer experience

1980 – 1985
: Technical University of Budapest (BME) – Faculty of architecture
1985: MSC Diploma: Architecture

Language skills
English: intermediate
German: basic
Hungarian: mother language

Software knowledge
: Archicad 19, Rhinoceros 5
Visualization: Neon, Photoshop CS4
Office: Microsoft Office tools

Membership of professional bodies
Chamber of Hungarian Architects
Institute of Science of Building / Health Department

Key qualifications and experiences
Experienced on architectural design and managing complete design services
Knowledge of the complete design process in practice till the key turn
Cost monitoring during the design process
Design experience in all fields of functions: logistic, refurbishments, all kind of public, industrial, residential, retail, research, health projects
Experience in emphasized major investments architectural and general design services
Project team organizer, leader and project manager of the design process
Experience in cooperation with other European Architectural Offices

Special abilities
Winner concept design (proven e.g. in many architectural competition)
Organizer skill (proven e.g. in managing complete design services

Competition publications
2016: Architect forum – Competition swimming pool, Szeged
2008: Architect forum – New University Clinic at Szeged
2008: Architect forum – Károlyi City Centre, Újpest, Budapest
2007: Architect forum – New Governmental Quarter, Bp.
2004: Architect forum – Ext. of the biological research Ins.
2002: Architect forum – Theatre in Székesfehérvár

Building publications and criticism
2016: Architect’s Gazette – ELI Laser Research Centre
2013: Architect forum – Super Laser in Szeged
2013: Architect forum – The constructed new clinic at Szeged
2007: Átrium – Fly Balaton Airport Terminal, critic: Rozmann
2007: Átrium – Governmental Quarter Competition
2005: Átrium – Constructed Theatre in Szfv., critic: Bulko
2002: Alaprajz – Theatre competition in Szfv.
2000: Octogon – Infopark, centre research and office, critic: Martinko

: Zoltán Balog Minister of Human resources – Recognition Diploma for the design work in Health field
2005: Tihamér Warvasovszky Mayor of Székesfehérvár – Recognition Diploma for the design of Vörösmarty Theatre
2004: Dr. Jenő Rácz Health Minister – Recognition Diploma for the design of OORI complex

Significant references
: Leading senior architect – Competition swimming pool, Szeged, 14.800m², Open national design competition, 2nd prize
2012: Leading senior architect – From concept to construction plans of “Extreme Light Infrastructure” laser research institute in Szeged, Worldwide unique European financed scientific program on 25.000m², Expected opening in 2016
2008: Leading senior architect – Budapest, New City Centre for Újpest, International competition 2nd prize
2008: Leading senior architect – Permission and construction plans of the Regional Clinical Hospital in Szeged 25.000m², Commission received by a winner plan in an open national competition, Construction completed in 2014
2008: Leading senior architect – Masterplan for Fieldstone airport on 670ha
2007: Leading senior architect – Government quarter 240.000m², International competition 3rd prize, Co-designer: Tamás Pintér
2006: Leading senior architect – DHL Cargo (logistic) in Sármellék, constructed in 2007
2005: Leading senior architect – Terminal building at Fly Balaton airport, 2600m², Constructed in 2006, Co-designers: György Töős, Gergely Sándor
2005: Leading senior architect – Refurbishment of a national theatre in Győr in historical surroundings, 25.000m², Co-designers: Sándor Kovács, Miklós Dombi
2002: Leading senior architect – Refurbishment and extension of a country theatre in Székesfehérvár in historical surroundings, 8000m², Construction finished in 2005
2000: Leading senior architect – Office building for Siemens on 8000m²
1999: Leading senior architect – Infopark, central building on 12.000m², (has won in an invited competition), constructed in 2000, Co-designers: György Töős, Assmann GmbH.
1998: Leading senior architect – Multiplex cinema, seven auditoriums, Constructed in 1998
1996: Leading senior architect – Social residential project, 24 flats, (winner -1st prize- in an open national competition), construction finished in 1997, Co-designer: Töős György
1994: Leading senior architect – National hospital for rehabilitation, 35.000m², (1st prize winner in an open competition), construction finished in 2005, Co-designers: György Töős, Csaba Orbán
1992: architect – Hotel and sport centre in Hasselfelde, Co-designers: György Töős, Csaba Orbán
1991: architect – Hotel in Weissig, Co-designers: György Töős, Csaba Orbán