Artonic has grown

Artonic has grown out Edömér Street office, and has established additional workstations at 17/B Ábel Jenő Street.

Among other things, we are working on the following projects here: Bécsi street office building, Béres Pharmaceuticals development and Science Park projects …

We are proud of our new enverioments, welcome to visit us here too!

If you come to Artonic, please find out your targeted project and partners place!

Contacts at Ábel Jenő street:
Artonic Ltd.
17/B Ábel Jenő Street
1113 Budapest

Tel.:     +36 1 792-0523

Bécsi street office building and underground garage concept design

The design area is in III. district of Budapest, on the Bécsi street, one of Buda’s most important commercial centers and business districts. This outstanding located area is 400 meters from a Kolosy square, the newly-built Buda tram network is in front of the area and can be easily reached by car.
One of the scars of Óbuda can be cured with this kind of project that is kind to our hearts.

The common goal of ATENOR and our office was to match the investment to both the scale and the tone of the district.

SPACE /// POWER II. ELI_ALPS Research Institute of the National Architecture Salon Exhibition

The SPACE /// POWER will be held in the Art Hall between 26 April 2019 and 25 August 2019. II. National Architectural Salon Exhibition. The ELI-ALPS Laser Research Institute in Szeged was honored to be invited to present the investment by György Szegő DLA, artistic director and curator of the Art Hall, presenting the building. In the other rooms can you see a historicization architecture from ’80s.  We wish a pleasant relaxation for all visitors!

AZ ELI-ALPS got the table of the Hungarian Real Estate Development Award

At the end of 2018, ELI-ALPS Laser Research Center in Szeged won a Construction Award. In March had the honor for the Construction Products Award take at the Research Center. The ceremony was attended by János Mucsi, ELI-HU Nonprofit Kft. Technical Director, Róbert Varga, Regional Manager of Strabag, Managing Director of Árpád Bognár Swietelsky Hungary, Dr. Jenő Kiss, Chairman of the Building Section of the Hungarian Chamber of Engineers and Géza Szőkedencsi, Design Director of the Artonic Design Architect Office.

ELI-ALPS got Hungarian Real Estate Development Award in 2018

The laser research center in Szeged, called ELI (Extreme Light Infrastructure), based on ARTONIC’s general architectural plans, was awarded on the 20th FIABCI Hungarian Real Estate Development Award in 2018, and has received first place in industry category.

In addition, ÉVOSZ rewarded with quality award in the category of complex infrastructure facility. The award has given by Tibor Tolnay, Chairman of the Construction Judging Committee.

Richter Public and Office building foundation stone, Debrecen

The new office and community building of Richter Gedeon Plc. is under construction according to the plans of ARTONIC.

The first piece of the project, the foundation stone was laid in 2018 october, where Kósa Lajos – member of parliament – , Dr. Papp László – The mayor of Debrecen – and Bogsch Erik -the chairman of Richter Gedeon Plc- congratulated for our plans.

OORI is 100 years old

Octogon published a special edition about ELI-ALPS

From attosecond to beam time – Metszet about ELI

Csongrád County’s Chamber of Architects visited ELI

Csongrád County’s Chamber of Architects visited our Laser Research Centre in Szeged. On the 27th of November around 30 architects where guided through ELI by its workers and us designers. We walked along the visitors route, glimpsed into the knowledge centre, the research building and the experimental spaces.
The participants expressed their appreciation for what they saw and were interested in further developments, including the projected Science Park project.

Octogon’s article about ELI has been published

First finished building publication of ELI

The first “finished building” publication of the “super-laser” ELI made by Artonic was published in Alaprajz architectural newspaper.

New secretary

Cintia Kertész is our new secretary in the architecture office in Buda.

25th anniversary celebration

Soon they hand over ELI to the researchers

Our Office won the 2nd Prize at the Etelka Sori indoor swimming pool national plan competition, in Szeged