Category Office
Portfolio's Title: Ferihegy Business Park Client's Name: AIG Lincoln Lead Designer: György Töős Team: László Bodzsár, Miklós Dombi, Tamás Pintér Parameters: 46.000 m² storage,12.000 m² office Portfolio's Year: 2002

In the surroundings of Ferihegy International Airport, unlike other European countries, one couldn’t find the proper establishments for processing, packaging, storing and distributing the goods delivered through this airport, nor the administration to handle these. Long-term rental warehouses and office areas, which can provide the space for these activities were much needed here.
Buildings „A” and „B” are logistic centres (40000m2), storage being their main function, on the other hand, building „C” is a multifunctional „cargo building”, where the storage and office area are about the same (6000-6000m2).The main function of the building is: well-equipped offices with supplementary storage space. It is primarily to meet the needs of businesses in air delivery.
When planning the layout, we kept in mind flexibility. The needs of future tenants – floor areas, space connections, and interior design are yet unknown. Thus, it was important that even the smallest, 150 m2 office area could be separated to rent. At the same time, if there is a demand for a large area (2000-3000m2), several sections can be connected.
The complex, realized in 2004, appears to be a rather modern technological park from the inner Lőrinc Street, because the head buildings are brick-covered office buildings, with parks between them.