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Competition & Award
Portfolio's Title: Infopark I building - Plan Competition Awarded Client's Name: IVG Development Hungary Kft. Lead Designer: Géza Szőkedencsi, György Töős Team: Christoph Max, Gyula Grédics, H-D. Witte, László Bodzsár Parameters: 9.991 m² hasznos alapterület, 8.200 m² total leasable area Portfolio's Year: 1999

We won the commission to design the central service and office building „I” through a competition together with the German office Assmann Dortmund. The office areas on the upper floors are arranged around a large atrium, which is vivid on the ground floor with stores, restaurants and other service areas. The plans were significantly changed after the competition, due to the clients’ requests and the requirements of the building authority. The operative regulation plans of the time, and the floor-area demands of the client resulted in the two-storey steep roof closing.
The office areas add up to 10.350 m2 above ground, most of them have a nice view of the Danube and the nearby park with the Gellért Hill in the background.