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Competition & Award
Portfolio's Title: Károlyi István City Center - Architectural Competition 2nd Prize Client's Name: Home-Property P1 Investment Ltd., member of CEU-REality group Lead Designer: Géza Szőkedencsi Team: Rita Besnyői, Tibor Fátyol, Szilárd Szabó, Géza Nagy Parameters: 90.190 m² total gross area, 3.306 m² fittness, 8.370 m² institute, 2.205 m² hospitality, 32.471 m² retail Portfolio's Year: 2008

The earlier leather industry (shoe-factory) is beeing rehabilited as a new local city-center, conducted with an open architectural competition.
The large site is located in the South-west gate of Újpest, close to the riverside of the Danube. The fields along the river became industrial areas in the middle of 19th century, functioning originally right until the recent past. That is how the leather factory settled here, the first bigger industry of Újpest, starting to develop the district. By closing the important site and the factory an emblematic gap was formed in its place.
The grand required gross-area and the mixed functions gives the opportunity to form a small individual township, as the number of the users coming here (residents, workers and „guests”) is hardly like a bigger village’s.
But because of the architectural forming it does not become a closed colony, but it opens in every possible direction and luring people inside. The most important urban spaces are opened to the river Danube or the future Aquincum bridgehead, to make real and visual connection with the riverside and the Váci street as well. The block is connected to the riverside through many lines, thin bridges over Váci street, in order to call attention for flowing cars that „something is happening” here inside.
The layout follows the coordinates of the city lines. The grade of the place is even amplified by the parks guiding into the direction of the site. Because of this and the South-entrance of the district, the space opens towards the Szabadság park. The importance of the area is simbolized by two emblematic building
– One is the hotel building, located on the South-west corner on a podium, as a statue, visible from any viewpoints
– The others are the highrise buildings, increasing above the surroundings, becoming an interesting mark in the siluett of Budapest even night and day.

We planned the required functions, but formed a multifunctional city center in the same time.
The functions are planned stratifying in space.
On the ground floor retails and services are dominating connected to underground public parking spaces. The hotel has the reception hall and the conference center on this level, and the fittness-wellness center’s main entrance as well.
On the upper ground floor the main office entrances are located with the retails, restaurants and art galeries.
The offices are mainly facing to the inside squares, the hotel rooms are oriented to the river or the Wolfner square and the residential functions to the inside gardens, all organized to the 1st-6th floor levels.
Up from the 7th levels, we planned residential functions and penthouses, to take the advantages of the beautiful panorama.
The residential floors are placed on top of the offices to keep the spaces in motion after work as well. This is one of the most important goals while creating a „living structure” development.