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Portfolio's Title: M1 Business Park expansion, Páty Client's Name: Terminál Közép-Európai Ingatlanfejlesztő Ltd. Lead Designer: György Töős, Tamás Pintér Team: Rita Besnyői, Judit Gáspár, Kata Mezei, Gergely Sándor Parameters: 51.000 m² Portfolio's Year: 2007

Adapting to the natural landscape was the foremost factor in finding the right positioning of the buildings in the course of the expansion. The Sasfészek-lake, as a natural surface of water with its’ wildlife is to be protected, but it also gives a special surrounding to those working in the planned buildings. We located the newly designed building-complex so that the quiet, smaller-scale, merely office-function buildings are placed on the lakeside. The two-storey office buildings I/A and I/D are partly under ground level, and are totally open to the unique natural environment that can flourish here after the recultivation. The two docking courts were placed on a different level because of the sloping terrain, leaving the office buildings on the same level with the lake. The complex, considering the functional specifications, suits the landscape the best possible way, with less geoworks necessary.