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Portfolio's Title: National Theatre of Győr Client's Name: Kos Bt. Lead Designer: Géza Szőkedencsi, Miklós Dombi, Sándor Kovács Team: Tibor Fátyol, Judit Gáspár, Henriett Szabó Parameters: 13.500 m2 total area, 6.300 m2 to be rebuilt, 7.200 m2 changing area, 106.000 m3 cubage to rebuilt, 706 person theatre, 120 person Kisfaludy-room, 80 person program-hall Portfolio's Year: 2004

The original, statuesque theatre was built in 1978, according to the contemporary modernist architectural style. Because of the outmoded construction, the inside renovations and reorganization was necessary in 2004 for the further use. The outside-changes are minimal, the public spaces are planned for the modern requirements.