Category Health
Competition & Award
Portfolio's Title: Residence for elderly people, Baross St. 100 - National Secret Plan Competition 1st Prize Client's Name: Metropolitan Municipality Lead Designer: György Töős Team: Judit Gáspár, Kata Lenzsér-Mezei, Tibor Fátyol Parameters: 150 people Portfolio's Year: 2007

„The plans – keeping both wings of building „A”- proposed a fundamentally good scheme, with a favorable and balanced layout… The main architectural concept of the plan is its’ moderate forming of the volumes of the buildings, which – with the harmonious detailing – results a good proportioned and friendly appearance… One of the plan’s most definite virtues is that it respected the need of keeping building „A”. In fact, with its’ solutions, it justified not only that through reconstruction, both wings can be of proper use, but also that after a quality renewal, the building itself will be of higher value.”
The newly designed wings are all one-story high, looking from the Baross Street, whereas being two-storey from Irányi street, due to the landscape. The facility might seem pavilion-like because of it’s distribution, but all parts of the building are connected on both levels. The courts between the pavilions are different in size and shape, and the elderly people, in various health conditions can find their possibilities of relaxing, walking, playing games or to spend time together here. The new wings, partly sunk into the ground are distinct from the old hunter residence (building „A”). They turn to the street with their closed walls, deliberately attempting to separate the new living spaces which need quiet and peace from the noise of the busy street and the dingy surroundings.