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Portfolio's Title: Town Theatre of Székesfehérvár - National Secret Plan Competition 1st Prize Client's Name: Municipality of Székesfehérvár Lead Designer: Géza Szőkedencsi, Tamás Pintér Team: Tamás Kondor, Henriett Bartha Isbó, Margit Lipták Parameters: 470 seats, 5.000 m² renovation, reconstruction, rebuilding, 3.000 m² of new construction, expansion Portfolio's Year: 2002

Our office won the right for planning the reconstruction of Vörösmarty Theatre by a national architectural competition in 2002. The building was originally designed by Koch and Skalniczky, and was finished in 1874. After the completed reconstruction, the theatre has 2000 m2 rebuilt area, 3000 m2 new area inside the existing building and 3000 m2 new area in an extension. The auditorium is suitable for 471 people
The fortunate values of the existing building – the eclectic facade, and the surrounding roof – are kept by the plan to save the spirit and extent of the historical oldtown. The new block gives a neutral, plain background to the old building, emphasizing the details.
The extension is slipping into the old block, forming a new shape which has several advantages:
– it gives neutral background to the existing-remaining U shaped part of the building
– it snaps above the old and new building, joins them and makes connection
– reduces the size of the rigging-loft
– the rigging-loft gets a glass skin, it’s transparency gives deepness to the form day and night as well
– the needed functions have more obvious locations, benefits (the auditorium gets more area, the lounge for the actors gets a unic panorama view and a roof-terrace, the trial stages are more suitable)